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Your decision to learn the English language is serious and exciting. As an individual interested in your professional or personal development, we know that you are probably looking for the best language program available. We serve a wide cross-section of people who live in, or are visitors to Nepal. Whether you are a business person, a teacher, a housewife, an administrator, or a student, you know how important English is in today's global community. ALC understands how important learning is to you. We encourage you to browse our web site to find out more!

The new session begins on March 12, 2014. Placement test and registration are available now. The last date for admission is March 9, 2014.

"I wish I would have joined this class a long time ago"
-Intermediate level

"You motivated us to really participate in class. It was a great learning experience."
-Advanced Level

"Learning has never been so much fun as when I got the chance to be in your class"

"I am so sad that this class is finishing, that I am almost crying"

"This course has given me the confidence and skills to write reports and letters to my foreign business associates. I highly recommend it."
-Professional Writing

"Anxiety used to always hold me back, now I actually enjoy speaking infront of people!"
-Public Speaking