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Everyday around the world millions of students study English. As it is now the primary language of international communication, business and travel, English is the world’s most frequently studied language. For many knowledge of English is a prerequisite to achieving personal and professional success.

At ALC, students increase their confidence as a speaker of English through:

  • Learning through customized materials that have been designed to improve language skills by engaging the learners and creating natural speaking scenarios.
  • Practicing language production through peer-to-peer and student-teacher interaction.
  • Engaging every linguistic skill in each class session.
  • Interacting with learners and teachers from other countries and cultures.

The decision to study English formally is a serious, exciting and challenging adventure. We serve a wide cross-section of people who live in or are visitors to Nepal. Whether you are a business person, a teacher, a housewife or a student, you know how important English is in today’s global community. ALC understands how important learning is to you and we strive to provide quality services and programs to meet your educational goals! Please browse our Web site to find out more!

Admission Requirements

  • A completed registration form with details of the student’s name, address, education and contact details.
  • Two passport-size, recent photographs.
  • Completion of a placement test (this is also required of former students who have been away from ALC for more than 1 year).
  • For first-time enrollment, the student must visit ALC’s office in person.
  • Advance payment upon enrollment.

Online Registration

For continuing students who wish to register for classes, ALC offers an online registration option. Please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.


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