Show the world that you have the English skills to study and work at the highest levels. With the English Proficiency Certificate, you will demonstrate that you can communicate with fluency and sophistication like a native speaker.

The English Proficiency Test administered at the American Language Center (ALC) is an exam that has been prepared by leading experts of English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction at Cambridge University and Oxford University. This test will provide all students of English with a clear picture of what level of ability they have achieved. Taking this test will identify your strengths and weaknesses, which in turn can open doors for opportunities in a variety of professional settings.

After completing the test, ALC will provide you with a certificate to ensure that your level of competence will be recognized globally. This certificate will help you specifically when you have interviews for jobs or admission to educational institutes.

Most of our candidates who have taken this test have successfully obtained jobs at reputable companies and admission into prestigious educational institutes. Our goal at ALC is to be able to assess and determine your level of English ability and provide you with any further training you may require to meet your own personal goals.