ALC offers special workshops and short programs that can be organized in-house or on location. The workshops can be organized on weekends or weekdays and at a time that best suits the participants or organization’s schedule.

The following programs are offered:

1. Organizing and Participating in Meetings

This course will help develop the participants’ organizational skills. The workshop focuses on training students in methods of taking minutes, preparing and presenting papers, setting agendas and taking part in telephone, video and online conferences. Treatment of appropriate language, etiquette and cultural norms will also be provided.

2. Business English

The language of meetings and working in the corporate setting differs from country to country, which is why English is the international language of business. During this workshop, participants will be presented with material on effective communication methods.

  • Employee motivation and rewards
  • Business writing and emails
  • Business etiquette
  • Project management and delegation
  • Process management
  • Mentoring
  • Root cause analysis
  • Time management
  • Verbal communication

3. Customer Care Training

This workshop focuses on effective language used to create relationships and do business with customers. The course will cover global standards of interaction, body language, building rapport, account management, critical thinking, brand consciousness and conflict management.

4. Effective Leadership

This particular workshop focuses on the communicative side of leadership, where the message and its delivery are core skills to cultivate. This course will build participants’ confidence and empathy toward colleagues and team members, with emphasis on non-verbal cues, critical feedback, motivation, delegation, team building and team motivation.

Other topics we provide training in:

5. Risk Management for Banks

6. Job Interview Preparation

7. Staff Assessment

8. Guard Assessment

9. Job Training

10. Grammar & Vocabulary

11. Public Speaking

12. English Training for Tour Guides

13. Academic Writing